Our Story

Dr. Salichou pioneered the concept of personalised skincare when she founded INSITU in 2011 on the belief that men and women should be treated as individuals. A globally renowned chemist, Maria and her team dedicated over 10 years in R&D to built INSITU's state-of-the art technology for customised skincare unique to each customer. With her knowledge of active ingredients and their properties, each product is made-to-order with a bespoke combination and dose of ingredients for maximum result

INSITU, is the only brand producing truly bespoke skincare. With an astonishing 12bn unique ingredient combinations of the highest grade, all formulas are free from parabens, colours, SLS and other sensitising agents and are not tested on animals. INSITU is a completely sustainable brand with a zero product and packaging waste policy.

Prior to launching insitU, Maria gained a P.hD in Chemistry in Nuclear Medicine from the University of Oxford and is an expert in Biotechnology and DNA sequencing.

Why insitU?              

Truly Personalised Skincare

Our state-of-the-art personalisation technology can create your very own beauty elixir, in a signature bottle, complete with your name on it.

Natural, active ingredients

On-shelf products can be over 6 months old before they leave the shop. INSITU, creates your products fresh using the highest grade of ingredients for best results.

Advanced precision science

Our revolutionary personalisation platform automatically generates the right combination and concentration of ingredients to deliver with precision the results you need.

Environmentally Responsible

Through our made-to-order approach, our production process is designed to completely eliminate all forms of waste, thereby ensuring that our products don't cost the earth.